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Scientific research on trance states and their applications for well being and creativity.

Why TranceScience?

Trance states have been practiced for millennia among most human cultures, providing guidance and healing to communities.

These days, neuroscience is re-discovering those states as fundamental capabilities of each human brain and potentially useful tools for self-awareness, cognitive amplification, and personal transformation.

With her singular journey, Corine Sombrun has been at the forefront of three simultaneous efforts: the neuroscientific understanding of trance states; the exploration of their applications for our well-being and for creativity; and the diffusion of tools allowing everyone to induce a trance by will alone.

Having been recognized by the shamans of Mongolia as one of their own in the early 2000s, Corine Sombrun was trained for several years in traditional trance practices. She is at the origin of the first scientific research on Mongolian shamanic trance (Pr. Pierre Flor-Henry at the Alberta Hospital, Canada).

TranceScience was born from her encounter with Pr Francis Taulelle, Research Director at CNRS (France) and professor at KU Leuven (Belgium). They share the conviction that the phenomenon of trance and its benefits should be studied scientifically. They created TranceScience to pursue scientific research, while exploring the potential applications of trance in a variety of fields — from psychiatry and psychology to creativity and self-awareness.


  • Pr. Francis Taulelle and Corine Sombrun


  • Pr. Francis Taulelle, President
    Emeritus CNRS Research Director, Professor, KU Leuven, Physical-Chemist, NMR spectroscopist, Leuven, Belgium

  • Pr. Steven Laureys
    Clinical Professor and FNRS Resarch Director, University of Liege, Liege, Belgium

  • Pr. Pierre Flor-Henry
    Professor, University of Alberta, Researcher in Hemispheric laterality and EEG imaging, Canada

  • Pr. Yakov Shapiro
    Professor, University of Alberta, Neuroscience  Psychotherapy Psychopharmacology, integration and evolutionary psychiatry, Canada

  • Pr. Edward Frenkel
    Professor, Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley, USA

  • Pr. Marc Henry
    Professor, University of Strasbourg, Chemistry and Quantum Physics, Strasbourg, France

  • Pr. François Féron
    Professor, Faculty of Medicine Aix-Marseille, INP, CNRS, Director of NeuroSchool, Manager of clinical trials in neural therapy, Marseille, France

  • Dr. Sarah Schimchowitsch
    PhD, CNRS Researcher, Strasbourg University, Strasbourg, France

  • Dr. Olivia Gosseries
    PhD, Neuropsychologist, FNRS Research Associate & co-director of the Coma Science Group, GIGA-Consciousness, University of Liege, Liège, Belgium

  • Dr. Audrey Vanhaudenuyse
    PhD, Psychologist, Sensation & Perception Research Group, GIGA Consciousness, University of Liege & Algology Department, University Hospital of Liege, Belgium

  • Dr. Guillaume Dumas
    PhD, Alius Research Group, Paris, France

  • Dr. Pierre Etevenon
    PhD, former INSERM Research Director, Neurobiologist, Paris, France

  • Dr. Elie Le Quemener
    PhD, INRA Researcher, INRA Narbonne, France

  • MD Jean-Pierre Lablanchy
    Psychiatrist, Paris, France

  • MD Marik Cassard
    Paris, France

  • MD Kirsten Keesmann
    Vanne, France

  • MD Amélie Leboucher
    Paris, France


  • Dominique Gonzales-Fœrster

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